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A great collaboration with Unison Housing on a rewarding project.

Unison Housing proudly launched a new social housing development in Footscray, with funding support from the Victorian State Government’s Victorian Property Fund. Unison transformed an aged and dilapidated block of 17 small units into 54 brand new self-contained apartments.

“Unison believes every person should have a quality, affordable home and belong to a thriving community” says James King, CEO at Unison. “We are really proud of this development and the high standard it sets for social housing in Victoria.”

The new development was designed with a focus on residents’ well-being and quality of life, with great natural light and airflow, friendly large communal area and outdoor garden, high-standard energy efficiency, accessible facilities, and enhanced safety measures.
Features include
· Rooftop solar to lower utility costs and environmental footprint
· Rainwater harvesting system for toilet flushing and irrigation
· Embedded network
· High-performance glazing and energy efficient building services
· Secured bike storage facility 

Australia’s first Professor of Urban Housing and Homelessness and Chair of the Unison Housing Research Lab at RMIT University, Prof. Guy Johnson, said he was ‘’pleased to see a move away from rooming houses.” He added “the evidence is clear: self-contained housing is more effective in sustaining tenancy. Our research also shows that providing the housing is only part of the response to homelessness. Helping people settle in and make that housing into a home is equally important.”

Manresa feel honoured to work on such project and value the work Unison does to address affordable housing and hope to assist people in creating a meaningful home.

Client: @unisonhousing
Architecture: @stolllong

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